Wild Inca- Peru

Wild camping


Roof of Africa

Dom on Everest Summit

Everest- 8848m

Machu Pichu

Wild Andes Trek


Mt Kilimanjaro Trek: 10 days

Goal Everest

Highest 5-a side Football Tournament ever played!

Trek Everest

Trek with Dom and his Sherpa team up the world famous Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal

Island Peak

Nepal- 6189m

Dom Pickett Expeditions

I've been leading teams in the mountains all over the world for over 20 years now and recently summited Mount Everest. 

I work directly with local guides who I have known for years making us cheaper, safer and increasing your chances of success. My goal is to get you to your summit  and my results speak for themselves.

I have set up my own special limited selection of treks that I think will blow you away and open the doors to some of the best the world has to offer.

That was the challange of a life time, i'll never forget it, thanks Dom for getting me to the top!
– T Kenny


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