• Kilimanjaro Sunrise
  • Emergency Services
  • Borneo Adventure
    Wild baby Orangutans
  • Everest
    Dom on summit 8848
  • Borneo
    Head Hunter Rapids
  • Wild Inca - Peru
    Machu Picchu
  • Kilimanjaro
    The Ultimate trek challenge
  • Trek Everest
    Trek with Dom and his Sherpa team up the world famous Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal
  • Everest Adventure
    The ultimateTrek

Dom Pickett Expeditions

Dom and his team have been leading expeditions in the mountains all over the world for over 20 years, including reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

Dom works directly with local guides who he has known for years making our adventures cheaper, safer and increasing your chances of success. Our goal is to get you to your summit and our results speak for themselves.

We have set up our own special limited selection of expeditions that we think will blow you away and take you on some of the best adventures the world has to offer.

Dom put this trip out there as a "wild Inca" experience and it was, other than our small trekking group and pack horses I did not see another human for 4 days. I've never seen stars so clear and landscape so untouched. We were looked after from the word go all the way to Machu Pichhu. This is the way to see it, not the off the shelf Tourist route. Dom has found something special with this trip.

Peter Green