Emergency Services Expeditions

  • Discounted for Emergency Services
    • Various
  • From 6 to 17 days
  • Worldwide
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Having spent many years in the Emergency services, Dom decided to set up and run worldwide expeditions specifically designed for all those in the Emergency Services. Over the last 15 years Dom has taken hundreds of Ambulance, NHS, and Police  (along with their friends and family) on adventures all over the World, making him by far the leading provider for Emergency Services Expeditions in the UK.

 Through Doms personal experience of Climbing to the summit of Mount Everest and working personally with all the local guides in each country, it has allowed him to set up all these trips at far less cost and as a result he has passed that on with an "Emergency Services discount".

With over 20 successful expeditions to the top of Kilimanjaro, initimate knowledge of the Himalayas through years of climbing along with personally establishing unique adventures  in Borneo, Andes and Morroco, Dom's expedition experience speaks for itself.

If you want the real thing and are after some adventure, then just select one of the expeditions below and lets get started :)