Island Peak- Nepal -


Country Max Altitude Category Difficulty
Nepal 6189m Climbing and Trekking Tough ?



Be among the Himalayan giants as you climb with your ice axe and crampons to the summit of Island Peak. 

This is a very achievable peak with no previous experience required as training is given in Nepal. This climb is in addition/add on to the Everest base camp trip. The Island Peak climb itself is 5 days at the end of the Base camp itinerary allowing you to be fully aclimatised.

Led by Dom who has sumitted Everest and experienced Sherpas who have summited Everest many times you would be in safe hands! 

This is is not a standard trek by any shot, Dom insight into the mountains, special routes we took and Sherpa staff we used only comes from someone who knows the Everest region well, and he does cause he has climed to the top of it!
– Joe Locke


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